Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan is a large island, located in the Van Don island district, in Bai Tu Long Bay, 45 km to northeast of Halong.

In the 11th century, this was a major seaport, and an international trade centre in Vietnam. The most impressive architecture on the island is Quan Lan Temple. Built in the Le Dynasty, it has exquisite engravings. Your guide will tell you of the victory of Quan Lan’s army under the command of General Tran Khanh Du against Mongol invaders.

Quan Lan has a series of beautiful beaches. Viet My Beach has high, fine white sand & Minh Chau Beach has a beautiful curved sandy shoreline. The clean and clear deep blue waters reflect the white sand and the blue sky. Along the coast is the hundred-year-old Tram Forest.

Cycle on the slopes of the hills, to the beach, across the white sand dunes with many wild flowers, and back to talk with local people. Then you will really feel the “soul” of the island.

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